I've often been asked, “What's this Writing Gym you say has helped you so much as a published author?”

Well, here's an interview I took part in on this very subject. Now, you can understand why I've achieved the successes I have.


When we first met, Stephen was frustrated because he couldn’t get published despite the copious amount of writing he accomplished—up to 1,000 words each day. He believed no one liked or wanted to read his work, particularly the anthology he was trying to publish. He had read books about organizing his novel, and had attended the classes on how to publish his book.

Despite all of his research and resourcefulness, he was still stuck, having tried to revise his manuscript on his own with no knowledge of the publishing industry.

We got on a call for about an hour and talked about where he was, where he wanted to go and how he could get there. It became clear to me that Stephen was the right fit for the Writing Gym. He accepted my invitation, and we began revising his work to publishing standards. 

With each new session, Stephen recognized the difference the Writing Gym makes. He no longer had to flail among do-it-yourself solutions. Instead he had tailored feedback and a personal foot in the door of the publishing industry.

If you're SERIOUS about traditionally publishing your novel, tired of the slow track to publication and ready to accelerate, let's chat. To speak with me about where you are in your writing, where you'd like to be & how you can get there, drop yourself into my calendar.

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