“Retsyo”, another of my short stories, will be appearing in the following anthology on the 27th of August, 2021. It will be available at the following links, but you can already pre-order it: Paperback US: Paperback UK: Kindle US: Kindle UK: Other eBook platforms: Amazon has been known to take issue with books that aren’t published directly through them. So, they might show the paperback as out of stock for a short time. However, if this happens, you can find where it is in stock/or available for…Read more

Finding My Voice

This is just a quick post that has nothing to do with me. For all lovers of poetry out there, I’ve just purchased a copy of a book of poetry from a friend of mine. On occasion, when the Whittlesey Wordsmiths get together, we challenge ourselves. We select a theme and give ourselves twenty minutes to write something. I generally write the beginning of a short story of some kind. Tessa Thomson writes poetry. In those selfsame twenty minutes, she can create a finished poem, rhyming and scanning properly. My mind can’t do…Read more