My First Contract!

Yay, it's finally happened! I've signed and sent off my first book contract for my YA Space Opera novel "Shuttlers"! Thank you, Annalisa Parent of the Writing Gym and Date With the Muse, for your help and encouragement. Without your training and marketing plan, I'd still be hoping for success and nowhere near as far advanced as I am. Not to mention that I'm in the middle of negotiations on a second contract, this one for my dark Urban Fantasy anthology/episodic novel "Paranormal City". And fourteen short stories have been accepted for publication…Read more


Just a quick post about another acceptance. My short story “Summoning” has been accepted and will be coming out in the October issue of The Green Shoe Sanctuary. That’s my twelfth story since the beginning of the year, meaning that I’m being accepted an average of once every 23 days. Not bad! Oh, and I’m looking over a contract for one of my books, “Shuttlers”. I made a couple of changes to the contract, and they’ve been accepted. I’m still waiting to hear back from the other publisher about my proposed changes for…Read more

“Step Into the Fifth Dimension” is out!

Remember Twilight Zone™? It doesn’t matter whether they were the original series, the reruns, or the reboots. Were you freaked out by the strange things going on in those stories, too? Do you want to experience the same kind of thrill again? To let your imagination get even wilder? Step into the Fifth Dimension with me. Watch your step as you enter, or you won’t find your way out again. Available as a paperback here. The Kindle version is coming out later.Read more

Step Into the Fifth Dimension

Are you old enough to remember Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone™ series? Or maybe you watched the reruns and reboots. Weren’t they the weirdest experience? Either way, do you want to experience the same kind of thrill again? This time in the printed word, where your imagination can go even wilder? If you do, why don’t you step into the Fifth Dimension with me? Watch your step as you enter, or you may never find your way out again! Available on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback from mid-September.Read more


My Lovecraftian cosmic horror story “Black” has just been published in the anthology “Handmade Horror (Stories)”. It’s also available as a paperback here: more


Yet another of my stories has been published. “Retsyo” is a tale of a terrible accident… or is it? It's also available as a paperback: more


“Black”, another of my stories, will be published on the 2nd of September. more


“Retsyo”, another of my short stories, will be appearing in the following anthology on the 27th of August, 2021. It will be available at the following links, but you can already pre-order it: Paperback US: Paperback UK: Kindle US: Kindle UK: Other eBook platforms: Amazon has been known to take issue with books that aren’t published directly through them. So, they might show the paperback as out of stock for a short time. However, if this happens, you can find where it is in stock/or available for…Read more