I’ve just updated my bio to include a humorous version:

Stephen was utterly sane until he was born to totally normal parents. Having been precipitated into this insane world without his permission, he decided that the only logical response was to become crazy.

He hid the craziness successfully while at school. However, when he started working, he came to believe he could speak to machines. The only possible solution was to train to be a software developer.

After more than three decades of this, he completely lost his mind and decided to become a writer. Over 1¼ million words later, he’s seen the publication of fifteen short stories, a dark urban fantasy anthology (“Paranormal City”), and a space opera novel (“Shuttlers”) in a single year. He’s now madly working on another eighteen books, some ready for publication, the rest still being written. He writes self-help, science fiction, space opera, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, magical realism, horror, fairy tales, fairy stories, slipstream, interstitial, noir, detective fiction, action, thriller, humour, YA, and children's stories (often more than one genre in any particular story).

He says he’ll only stop writing when they peel his cold, dead fingers off the keyboard. “Mind you,” he quips, “knowing the kinds of stories I write, it’ll be one of my own creations that does me in!”

His present philosophy is, “Only those crazy enough to believe they’ll succeed, will!”

You can follow his lunatic rantings here on www.stephenoliver-author.com and https://twitter.com/AuthorStephenO.

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