Some time ago, I self-published my self-help book “Unleash Your Dreams: Going Beyond Goal Setting” on Smashwords. Unfortunately, the automated analysis program called “The Meatgrinder” had problems with my formatting, but did not tell me exactly was wrong, nor how to correct it. After I discovered their book about reformatting, I was able to get everything right in a couple of days.

My book is now also available from the following suppliers:



Barnes & Noble:



It will also be available from Gardners Extended Retail and Odilo shortly.

You can find the complete list on my books page.

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  1. Cathy Cade Reply

    Well done with those. I’d be interested to hear more about getting onto Gardners listings… if we ‘re able to meet up again with the Whittlesey Wordsmsiths this year… 🙁

    • StephenOliver Reply

      The new ones have all come through publishing with Smashwords. The biggest problem with doing that is that you have to be exact in your formatting, or The Meatgrinder, their automated scanner software, will reject you.

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